2021 Festival Weekend Events - Celebrating Our 35th Year of the Tennessee Renaissance Festival!

May 8 - 9:   Opening Weekend
Bring the family and celebrate the opening of our 2021 festival and our 35th Year!
Celebrate Mother's Day with a special and entertaining outing for Mom.

May 15 - 16:   Artisan and Crafts Weekend
Travel through our marketplace for treasures and unique handcrafted items from around the globe. See demonstrations of talented artisans crafting their wares. Check out the Artisans & Activities page for a full list of all our artisan shops.

Fairy House / Hobbit Habitat Contest
To encourage creativity and the arts this year we are hosting a Fairy House / Hobbit Habitat Contest. On Saturday, May 15th and Sunday, May 16th the contest will be held and the winners will be determined each day (time and location to be announced). All Fairy Houses and Hobbit Habitats must be constructed of natural materials and on a portable, sturdy base for table display. The habitat or house can be anything you wish (it must be family-appropriate). Please ensure your name and phone number are clearly labeled on your house.
Detailed information will be posted as you enter the festival, along with the habitat drop-off area.
Contest is open to two age groups: 4-14 years and 15 years and up.

May 22 - 23:   Pirate Invasion Weekend
Huzzah! The hills are swarming with rascals and rogues as a crew of scuvry pirates invade our shire of Covington Glen. See the swashbuckling and sword-brandishing of pirates galore. Young Rascals and Pirates aged 12 and under can participate in the Children's Pirate Costume Contest on both May 22nd and May 23rd. Contest location and time will be posted at our Information/T-Shirt Booth (the first tent as you enter the festival).

May 29 - 30 - 31:   Celtic Weekend
Join us as we add a Celtic flair to the Faire. Enjoy the fun as we honor those early Britons - men, wear your kilts!


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