The streets of Covington Glen are lined with vendors offering the finest hand-crafted items this side of the moat. 

Bath, Beauty & Baking
The Craftist - Goat milk soap, lotions, balms and scrubs
Gongfu Life - Genuine, pure loose leaf tea and tea sets
Henderson's Hearth - Celtic inspired soups, baking mixes, jams and honey
Wolf's Moon Apothecary - Herbs, teas, essential oils, candles and natural body care products

A Temptation of Faeries - Faery wings and photographs
Boss Wench
- Costume clothing for the entire family
Dragon's Den Costumes & Apparel - Quality period clothing and costumes, accessories, hats and feathers
Fiona's Fineries - Medieval, Renaissance and Elizabethan clothing for all sizes and genders
Highland Kilt Company, LLC. - Kilts and accessories
Son of Sandlar - Custom leather footwear and outerwear
Spirit Wings - Large fairy wings
The Shadowed Stranger Booths - Leather costumes, accessories, weaponry and outerwear
Valkyries Armorer - Chainmail and metal designs
White Pavilion - Clothing and accessories for men, women and children

Custom Creations
Dragonfly's Realm - Olde world games with a new world twist.
Hooks and Chains
- Crocheted creatures and high quality animal puppets
Melting Dragon Candles - Custom candle creation
Pigasus Enterprises - Renaissance era books, prints and maps
SoCo Swings - Hanging chair swings
Wax Hands Booth - Hand-dipped wax creation

Food & Drinkware
Fellowship Foundry - Goblets, drinkware and pewter goods
New World Mugs and Wood - Wood mugs and wares
Where the Gods Live (W/Charqui's Jerky) - Hand carved drinking horns and Viking wares

Hair & Body Art
Braids that Slay - Decorated hair braiding
Fairy Haven - Handcrafted organic bath and body products
Finklepott's Fairy Hair - Finklepott’s Original Fairy Hair™ - The Most Magical Hair in the World!
Maverick Ink/Lilla Rose - Unique hair accessories
Morning Glory Body Art - Henna body art
The Enchanted Forest - Handcrafted organic bath and body products
Valhalla's Hoarde Face Painting - Face painting for all

Hand-Crafted Artwork
Aélhaus - Specializing in live edge art engravings
Aradani Studios - Elf ears, horns and fantasy artworks
Celtic Marketplace - Celtic items, embroidered bags and tapestries
Clay by June Lusty - Handcrafted clay pottery
Coppersmith Studios - Handmade copper + bronze art and décor
Home Art, LLC. - Wood sculptures
LaForge Weapons/RedSmith -  Rose Hand hammered copper ornaments and roses
Majestic Glass - Handblown, flamework glass
Melting Dragon Candles with Wandering Wizards - Exotic handcrafted candles in many forms
Ye Olde Wizards and Dragons - Resin cast statues and plaques

Art Glass by Veena - Glass and beaded jewelry, plates and figures
Creations Under Sun & Moon - Lapidary arts and jewelry
Ear Art - Wire wrapped jewelry
Hempenwald - Handmade accessories, jewelry, bamboo crafts and natural fiber items
Jen's Crown Jewels - Unique wire-crafted jewelry
King of Crowns - Renaissance themed crowns, tiaras, circlets and jewelry adornments
LadySmith Jewelry - Sterling silver and brass jewelry
M. Sotherden Art Glass - Glass art, gifts and jewelry
Mystic Moon - Glowing moon pendants
Princessories - Whimsical crystal, sterling silver and pewter jewelry
Sea Song Designs - Pearl and gemstone jewelry for a vivid life
Tomas the Lapidary's Jewelry - Handcrafted custom jewelry
Valhalla's Hoarde Coin Mint - Custom-minted medallions, jewelry and crystals

Pictures, Paintings & Photographs

Art of Ed Beard, Jr. - Art prints and collectibles
Beautifully Dark Art - Dark fantasy art
Painting with Q - Oil paintings and prints

Blonde Swan - Handmade leather hats and accessories
Grichels Ltd. - Handcrafted leather accessories
Naturel Design - Leather goods, fabric dolls, soaps and teacup candles
The Dragon Hatchery - Handcrafted leather dragons and earrings
The Leather Lair - Handmade leather garments and accessories
The Shadowed Stranger Booths - Leather costumes, accessories, weaponry and outerwear

Music Instruments & Accessories
Dustin Headrick (Nashville Picks) - Handcrafted musical instruments and original artwork
RealNSite - Water bird whistles
Shalimar's Ocarinas - Ceramin flutes (ocarinas), songbooks and pouches

Mystical Merchandise & Services
Celestial Circus - Palm and tarot readings and celestial medallions
Seekers & Settlers - Walking staffs, hiking sticks, brooms and magic wands
Wandering Wizards - Magic wands, wizard staffs and tools for wizards
Zenobia - Psychic readings

Black Swan - Wooden swords and shields
Capricorn Arms - Custom and exotic weapons armor
Legacy Forge - Handcrafted arms and armor
Red Dragon (W/The Compleat Knight) - Shields, swords and bows
Silver, Sword and Stone - Silver, swords, stones and leather
The Complete Knight (W/Red Dragon) - Shields, swords and bows
The Shadowed Stranger - Your source for weapons of the renaissance