The 2024 Tennessee Renaissance Festival will be open on May 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th, 25th, 26th, 27th

The festival's hours of operation are 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Every day the streets of Covington Glen are filled with vendors offering the finest hand-crafted items this side of the moat. 

(Most vendors do not accept credit cards. Bringing cash on-site is advised.)

TNRF 2024 Merchants

Bath, Beauty & Baking
The Craftist - Goat milk soap, lotions, balms and scrubs

Gongfu Life - Genuine, pure loose leaf tea and tea sets
The Enchanted Forest - Handcrafted organic bath and body products

A Temptation of Faeries - Faery wings and photographs
Boss Wench
- Costume clothing for the entire family

Carrot Creations by Tunky - Custom garments made out of 100% linen. Pants, Cloaks, and Capes, as well as Tunics in sizes S-5XL.
Dragon's Den Costumes & Apparel - Quality period clothing and costumes, accessories, hats and feathers
Fiona's Fineries - Medieval, Renaissance and Elizabethan clothing for all sizes and genders
Highland Kilt Company, LLC. - Kilts and accessories
Son of Sandlar - Custom leather footwear and outerwear
Spirit Wings - Large fairy wings
The Shadowed Stranger Booths - Leather costumes, accessories, weaponry and outerwear
White Pavilion - Clothing and accessories for men, women and children

Custom Creations
A Temptation of Faeries - Handmade fairy wings and accessories. hand made fairy wings and accessories. All of our wings are carefully hand grown by a fairy artisans from Ollure. Our wings are made so no two are exactly alike.No two are exactly alike.
Candys Garden Smiles -
Handmade concrete dragon babies, sculptures and planters. Dragon adoptions and costume fun! (May 18-27)

Down By The Lake Designs - Unique outdoor sling chairs made by Derrick Bandy. (May 4-12)
Dragonfly's Realm -
Olde world games with a new world twist.

Fairy Haven - Handcrafted horns, elf's wars and tails
Hooks & Chains – Specializing in high quality hand-made crochet creatures.

Melting Dragon Candles - Custom candle creation
Rampant Lion Games Wax Hands Booth - Hand-dipped wax creation
SoCo Swings - Hanging chair swings
Two Days Tree Farm - One of a kind fairy garden homes and bird houses built entirely by hand.

Food & Drinkware
Fellowship Foundry - Goblets, drinkware and pewter goods

New World Mugs and Wood - Wood mugs and wares
Where the Gods Live (W/Charqui's Jerky) - Hand carved drinking horns and Viking wares

Hair & Body Art
Braids that Slay - Decorated hair braiding

Finklepott's Fairy Hair - Finklepott’s Original Fairy Hair™ - The Most Magical Hair in the World!
Maverick Ink/Lilla Rose - Unique hair accessories
Morning Glory Body Art - Henna body art
Valhalla's Hoarde Face Painting - Face painting for all

Hand-Crafted Artwork
Aélhaus - Specializing in live edge art engravings

Aradani Studios - Elf ears, horns and fantasy artworks
Celtic Marketplace - Celtic items, embroidered bags and tapestries
Clay by June Lusty - Handcrafted clay pottery
Coppersmith Studios - Handmade copper + bronze art and décor
Majestic Glass - Handblown, flamework glass
Melting Dragon Candles with Wandering Wizards - Exotic handcrafted candles in many forms
Ye Olde Wizards and Dragons - Resin cast statues and plaques

Art Glass by Veena - Glass and beaded jewelry, plates and figures

Creations Under Sun & Moon - Lapidary arts and jewelry
Ear Art - Wire wrapped jewelry
Hempenwald - Handmade accessories, jewelry, bamboo crafts and natural fiber items
Jen's Crown Jewels - Unique wire-crafted jewelry
King of Crowns - Renaissance themed crowns, tiaras, circlets and jewelry adornments
LadySmith Jewelry - Sterling silver and brass jewelry
M. Sotherden Art Glass - Glass art, gifts and jewelry
Princessories - Whimsical crystal, sterling silver and pewter jewelry
Sea Song Designs - Pearl and gemstone jewelry for a vivid life
Tomas the Lapidary's Jewelry - Handcrafted custom jewelry
Valhalla's Hoarde Coin Mint - Custom-minted medallions, jewelry and crystals

Pictures, Paintings & Photographs

Art of Ed Beard, Jr. - Art prints and collectibles
Beautifully Dark Art - Dark fantasy art
Painting with Q - Oil paintings and prints
Talenshi - Welcome all who wish to see beauty and magic wherever they may. Our magical traveling merchant's stall offers treasures from far and wide as well as magical tomes handcrafted by our head book witch, The Lady Talenshi, and assistant book witch, Rini. Come and find charming illuminations of a land inhabited by birds wearing armor and wielding swords & magic; wearable flowers that glow with an enchanted light; quests to make adulting tasks less droll, and more. Ye may also enjoy observing the The Lady Talenshi as she paints birds in stylish renaissance attire with a brush and ink.

Grichels Ltd. - Handcrafted leather accessories
Lindy's Leather - Beautifully crafted and custom leather art.
Naturel Design - Leather goods, fabric dolls, soaps and teacup candles
The Dragon Hatchery - Handcrafted leather dragons and earrings
The Leather Lair - Handmade leather garments and accessories
The Shadowed Stranger Booths - Leather costumes, accessories, weaponry and outerwear

Music Instruments & Accessories
Dustin Headrick (Nashville Picks) - Handcrafted musical instruments and original artwork
RealNSite - Water bird whistles
Shalimar's Ocarinas - Ceramic flutes (ocarinas), songbooks and pouches

Mystical Merchandise & Services
Daphne Moore - Original story books of enchantment, mystery and romance (May 18 - 27)
Seekers & Settlers
- Walking staffs, hiking sticks, brooms and magic wands

Wandering Wizards - Magic wands, wizard staffs and tools for wizards
Zenobia - Psychic readings

Bowskin Archery & Buckskins - Handmade archery products, leather products, buckskins and flint knapped stone tools.
Black Swan
- Wooden swords and shields

Capricorn Arms - Custom and exotic weapons armor
Red Dragon (W/The Compleat Knight) - Shields, swords and bows
Silver, Sword and Stone - Silver, swords, stones and leather
The Complete Knight (W/Red Dragon) - Shields, swords and bows
The Shadowed Stranger - Your source for weapons of the renaissance